FAIR over time

20 September, at 11:00–12:00

Graphic with date, time, and the FAIR principles

This webinar will take a closer look at the concept “FAIR over time.” What actions can we take to make sure that research information remains FAIR over both shorter and longer time? Which of the support functions at the HEIs need to collaborate, how have the HEIs worked with FAIR data from the very beginning, and which regulatory and supporting documents can be of help in the work?

Read more about the concept “FAIR over time” here (in Swedish).

This webinar is primarily aimed at the local support units for research data management.


When: 20 September at 11:00–12:00

Where: Zoom webinar

Contact: Hanna Höie hanna.hoie@mau.se or Sofia Särdquist sofia.sardquist@riksarkivet.se