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Research data that contain personal data or other classified information need to have approval from the research principal before they can be released. (They may need to, for instance, undergo a confidentiality assessment.) For that reason, you have to make a request to access those data. This is the case for datasets with the accessibility level Access to data is restricted in the research data catalogue. You can read more about SND’s accessibility levels here.

Some datasets in the research data catalogue have the accessibility level Data are accessible by order. This level is due to be phased out. These datasets normally don’t need approval from the research principal before they can be released and can be administered faster.

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How do I request data?

When you find research data that you want to access, click the Request data button in their catalogue entry. You can make a request for several datasets at the same time.

The selected datasets will be listed in the data request form below. Fill out your information in the form and click Submit. The request will be submitted to SND or to the research principal responsible for the material. You will receive a confirmation e-mail that your request has been sent.

In accordance with Swedish legislation, you have the right to remain anonymous when requesting official documents. However, if the document is subject to secrecy, a public authority may inquire who requests the document and what it will be used for in, if needed for the confidentiality assessment. SND requests the information below to facilitate the disclosure process. If you do not wish to provide the requested information, you can instead contact the organization that is the data principal and request the documents in accordance with the principle of public access to information.

If you are logged in to the SND website when you make the request, you can follow the administrative process in DORIS, under Requested data. You can also make a data request without logging in.

You will be contacted if we need any further information to process your request.

At SND, we administer data requests daily, and our goal is that you shall gain access to a copy of the data as quickly as possible. We will contact you if the process takes longer than expected.

Data are delivered through a link that will be sent to you by e-mail.


You're currently not logged in, but you can still make a request for access to data.
If you log in, e.g. with your Swedish HEI (Higher Education Institution) account, you can follow the process of your request in DORIS.

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In which file formats are the data delivered?

At SND, we strive to deliver requested research data in file formats that are as future-proof as possible. We deliver the files in formats that are well-documented, non-proprietary (i.e. open source formats), frequently used, and that can be read in multiple software.

If we, for some reason, cannot deliver data in file formats that follow all of these specifications, we try to make sure that the data are in formats that are common and well-established for that particular research field, so that you will still be able to read and analyse the file contents.


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