About the website

We are constantly working to improve our website and making it as accessible as possible. If you have suggestions for how we can make our website better – get in touch!

Contact us via: snd@gu.se

Accessibility on the website

Here you can read more about what we are doing to improve accessibility (in Swedish only).

Information about cookies

The University of Gothenburg’s website uses cookies. According to the "Electronic Communications Act" which applies from 25 July 2003, everyone who visits a website with cookies must receive information on:

  • the fact that the website contains cookies
  • what these cookies are used for
  • how cookies can be avoided

A cookie is a small text file that the website you are visiting stores on your computer. Cookies are used by a lot of websites to give visitors access to various functions. It is possible to use the information in the cookie to follow the user’s surfing. To avoid cookies, you can change the security settings in your web browser. How these are adjusted depends on which web browser you have. On this website we use cookies to enable you as a visitor to change the language of the website.

Web statistics analysis tools

The website use Google Analytics in order to learn how our visitors use our site. The cookies from the analysis tool do not contain any personal information about users. You or your computer cannot be identified. All IP numbers are anonymized, which means you cannot be identified by the information we gather for statistical analysis. The information generated by these cookies when you use our site is sent on to and stored by Google.