Licenses and marks on the website

Here you learn more about how you are allowed to use the information on the SND website.  

Web text, presentations, and documents 

Information texts, presentations, and digital documents created by SND have a CC-BY 4.0 license. Note that the license doesn’t cover images on the website or linked files that have been created by someone other than SND. 

CC-BY means that SND allows others to use, share, remix, modify, and build upon our material. It may also be used for commercial purposes. Users must give credit to SND and, if possible, add a link to the material.  

Read more about the CC-BY 4.0 license at Creative Commons. 

Metadata in the research data catalogue and DORIS 

Metadata (information about research data) that can be found in DORIS and shared in the SND research data catalogue have a CC0 mark. Metadata that are collected from other portals and databases (so-called harvested metadata) aren’t covered by this CC0 mark. Those catalogue entries have an additional description in the research data catalogue. Note that research data and associated documentation files may have another license or mark (see below). 

CC0 is a mark which signifies that the creator of the document has waived the copyright to their work. You can copy, modify, distribute, and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, without asking permission. You also don’t have to credit the creator when you reuse the work. 

Read more about CC0 at Creative Commons

Research data 

In the SND documentation system DORIS, researchers who share data can enter whether the data have a license or mark. SND refers to the recommendations on open licenses and Intellectual Property from DiGG (the Agency for Digital Government) for support in selecting a suitable license. 

Read more about using licenses on data