SND takes over data publishing from DiVA

Published: 2024-05-03

From 15 May, the DiVA Portal will no longer be receiving new datasets. Instead, this task will be taken over by SND. This means that the SND research data catalogue will initially receive approximately 250 new datasets from various scientific disciplines.

“We are very positive to the collaboration with DiVA, as it becomes another step in SND's process of expanding our collaboration with other infrastructures. Thanks to the datasets being accessible in our catalogue, they will also be made visible on platforms such as and eventually on,” says Johan Fihn Marberg, head of IT at SND.

Logotype DiVA

Datasets linked to publications in DiVA

The DiVA portal is a digital system that allows universities and other research organizations to collect and make publications accessible. DiVA is operated by a consortium with 50 members; from 18 of these organizations, there are not only publications in the portal but also research data. It is for these datasets that SND will soon take over the responsibility for keeping them accessible and well-described. Most of the datasets are related to publications in DiVA, and these connections will naturally remain in the SND research data catalogue.

“We will do some manual work to transfer everything smoothly to SND. In connection with this, we will also add additional information about the datasets, such as linking them to unique individuals, mostly researchers, and to descriptions of data that we retrieve from the publications,” says Olof Olsson, IT architect at SND and one of the staff who are working on the transfer of datasets.

Gradual transfer

The transfer of datasets already in DiVA will take place gradually, with the first datasets ready for publication in SND's catalogue before summer and the last ones during autumn. In the future, DiVA will refer researchers to SND to describe and make accessible the research data on which they base their publications.

“We hope that this will be a successful collaboration. Many of the universities and organizations included in DiVA already use SND and are part of our network. Through the DiVA portal and our catalogue, both publications and data will receive a broader dissemination,” says Johan Fihn Marberg.