Open science in the Nordic countries – watch our recorded webinars

Published: 2024-02-15

The final part of SND’s Nordic webinar series, “Policy and practice in the development of open science”, has been held and the recordings of all four webinars are now accessible on our YouTube channel.

In a series of four webinars, representatives from Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden have talked about the work with open science in their respective countries. William Gothlin Illsley, Research Data Advisor at SND, has been the main host for the webinar series.

The strength of Nordic collaboration

In each webinar, participants have met representatives for different perspectives of open science. Some have spoken about the work done at national organizations similar to SND, some have presented the current state of affairs in the Nordic countries regarding open science and data publishing, and some have highlighted these questions from the university perspective.

As an Englishman living in Scandinavia, I admire the strength and willingness to co-operate between the countries, it’s something the scientific community in Britain is a little jealous of post-Brexit, says William Gothlin Illsley.

Creating more networks

The webinar series had several purposes, one of which is to make a comparison between the Nordic countries, and to extend the networking for people in similar professions.

There has been no formal discussion about collaborating after the webinar, beyond what is already underway under the framework of the EOSC network or RDA for example, but I don’t see any reason why there shouldn’t be further collaboration. Informally, there are already offshoots of continued contact lined up, for example discussions around practice and policy, says William Gothlin Illsley.

You can watch the recorded webinars on SND’s YouTube channel.