4. Share data

Circle icon showing a paper airplane.When your data description has been reviewed and approved, it is ready to be published as a catalogue entry in the national SND research data catalogue. It is now visible and searchable for others.

The catalogue entry

From the catalogue entry, other people can download or request access to the data, depending on what accessibility level you’ve entered in your data description in DORIS. Most data and related documentation can be downloaded directly in the SND research data catalogue. When data cannot be openly accessible (for instance, if they contain special category data with personal information), we still recommend that you make the documentation visible, for example variable lists and technical reports. 

If you want to change or update something in the catalogue entry after it’s been published, you can do so in DORIS. There you can edit information, upload new versions of data, or add more datasets. You can also update the catalogue entry as new publications that are based on the data material are published. If you for some reason want to remove data material or completely delete the catalogue entry, this can also be done in DORIS.

Data receive a DOI

Data that are uploaded to DORIS receive a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). A DOI is a type of PID, which is a unique ID number used as a long-lasting link to web sites, files, documents, and other digital objects. A DOI makes it easier to find and cite data.

Reuse data

Data can be reused for various purposes. Someone may want to build on research results to create new research, or for teaching. When data are accessible so that research results can be validated, it increases the transparency and reliability of that research, which contributes to improving the quality of research.

If you're using existing data in your own research, you should reference those who have collected or created the material, just like you reference other researchers’ publications. You should also notify SND if you have new publications that are based on data accessed through us.

Do you want to know more about how to share data through SND? Please contact snd@snd.se, and we’ll respond to your questions.

Do you have further questions about sharing data?

Contact us at snd@snd.se.