Where data from SND are made visible

When you share data through SND, they become instantly visible in the SND research data catalogue. They are also provided with a persistent identifier, a DOI, through SND’s partner organization DataCite.

Metadata about new publications and updates are continuously harvested from DataCite to many international systems that index research data. By publishing datasets and metadata through SND, your data become visible and findable in many important systems and databases: 

  • Google indexes all data that receive a DOI through DataCite and make metadata findable through Google Dataset Search
  • Through a collaboration with Clarivate, DataCite metadata are included in the Data Citation Index database.  
  • Elsevier’s services Mendeley Data and Data Monitor include metadata from DataCite. 
  • The Dimensions database indexes metadata from DataCite. 
  • OpenAIRE, a network for open data, index DataCite metadata in their search service OpenAIRE Explore
  • Sveriges dataportal, which catalogues data produced at different Swedish authorities, also include what has been published at SND. By publishing at SND, a data material fulfils the information requirement on authorities posed in section 2, chapter 6 in the Swedish Open Data Act (SFS 2022:818). 
  • DataCite also includes the re3data.org search service for data archives and similar organizations, in their service. 

Publishing data through SND creates many possibilities to find information about your research data and related publications, for humans as well as for various types of automated information services. Publication also increases the number of opportunities to create overviews of research production, for instance the type of compilations used by research evaluations in research groups and institutions.