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Iris Alfredsson

Senior Advisor

Coordinates SND's work within CESSDA and participates in other international collaborations and projects.

Per Bergström

Research Data Advisor

Eira Brandby

Research Data Advisor

+46 (0)31 - 786 64 95

+46 (0)766 - 18 64 95

Joel Carlsten Rosberg

Research Data Advisor and Communications Officer

+46 (0)31 - 786 13 08

+46 (0)766 - 18 13 08

Elin Hallman

Research Data Advisor

William Illsley

Research Data Advisor

MA Archaeology, Doctoral Candidate in Comparative Literature. Working primarily with data from archaeology, cultural heritage and humanities.

+46 (0)31 - 786 65 52

+46 (0)766 - 18 65 52

Ulf Jakobsson

Research Data Advisor

Working with questions related to FAIR, data management and DMP. Responsible for SND's Checklist for data management plan and the production of data guides. Responsible at SND for the EU projects ARIADNEplus and SEADDA.

André Jernung

Research Data Advisor

Data from all fields of research.
Works with issues concerning data formats and software published alongside research data.

+46 (0)31 - 786 27 47

+46 (0)766 - 18 27 47

Rufus Latham

Research Data Advisor

Quantitative data within the social sciences. Dissemination of research data.

+46 (0)31 - 786 12 10

+46 (0)766 - 18 12 10

Gustav Nilsonne

Senior Advisor

MD, PhD, associate professor in neuroscience. Working with open science, particularly open data.

Dimitar Popovski

Research Data Advisor

Responsible for incoming data and support for publishing of international data related to the University of Gothenburg. Working primarily with quantitative data within the social sciences.

+46 (0)31 - 786 37 02

+46 (0)766 - 18 37 02

David Rayner

Training Coordinator

Coordinates education ventures. Liaise with researchers and domain specialists to identify new functionality to support earth and environmental sciences.

+46 (0)738 - 54 24 04

Björn Sjögren

Research Data Advisor

Ph.D. in Educational Research. Primarily working with individual data, with a specific focus on quantitative data within the social sciences.

Arin Tham

Research Data Advisor

Ph.D. in Peace and Conflict Studies. Works primarily with qualitative data. Coordinates SND:s participation in the Horizon Europe funded 'Skills4EOSC' project.

(at present on leave of absence)

Karin Westin Tikkanen

Training Coordinator

Ph.D. in latin. Coordinates education ventures, both internal and external to the SND network.

+46 (0)31 - 786 12 04

+46 (0)733 - 46 83 31

Domain specialists

Lars Eklund

National Coordinator for Domain Specialists and Domain Specialist for Sensitive Data

Advisor on matters related to sensitive data and sensitive personal information, especially regarding GDPR and re-identification, representative in RDA Sensitive Data Interest Group.

Anna Axmon, LU

Domain Specialist in Population Research

Statistician, PhD, associate professor. Working with epidemiological studies, primarily register and other population based studies. Project manager for LUPOP (

+46 (0)72 - 559 61 43

Anders Brändström, UMU

Domain Specialist for Register-Based Research

+46 (0)90 - 786 60 63

Elisabeth Strandhagen

Deputy Director

Responsible for the SND network and questions on national collaboration.
Domain expert within epidemiology and public health.

+46 (0)31 - 786 64 94

+46 (0)709 - 90 61 10

Nicolo Dell'Unto, LU

Domain Specialist in Acheology

Professor of Archaeology. Work focuses on 3D visualization and quantitative methods in archaeology.

Ulf Jansson, SU

Domain Specialist for Spatial Data

PhD in Human Geography. My teaching and research is done within the fields of historical geography, landscape studies, agriculture, forestry, cartography and GIS.

Marcus Lundberg

Domain Specialist for Sensitive Data

Anders Moberg

Domain Specialist for Spatial Data

PhD in Physical Geography and docent in Meteorology. I teach and do research within climate science. I also help other scientists to make their data from climate and earth system science available to the public.

Karina Nilsson, UMU

Domain Specialist for Register-Based Research

Emilie Stroh

Domain Specialist for sensitive data and GIS data

Ph.D. and researcher in epidemiology with a focus on environmental exposures and GIS studies. Project Manager for LUPOP (Lund University Population Research Platform: Project Manager for Lund University's project on the establishment of the e-Infrastructure Unit.

+46 (0)46 - 222 16 52

Ida Taberman

Domain Specialist in Climate and Environmental Data

+46 (0)90 - 786 82 16

Ylva Toljander

Domain Specialist in Climate and Environmental Data

Information Specialist and Ecologist, mainly in microbial ecology. I work in research support regarding the preservation and publication of research data and with bibliometrics.