Income and inequality in Sweden 1951-2002

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Mats Johansson - Institute for Future Studies

Thomas Lindh - Institute for Future Studies

Research principal

Institute for Future Studies rorId


Data for income distribution and mean income for the adult population (aged 20 and over) in Sweden during the period 1951-2002. All results refer to individual income before tax.

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1951 – 2002

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  • Funding agency: Swedish Research Council
  • Funding agency's reference number: 2003-1563
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Social sciences (Standard för svensk indelning av forskningsämnen 2011)

Social work (Standard för svensk indelning av forskningsämnen 2011)


Johansson, Mats (2006) Inkomst och ojämlikhet i Sverige 1951-2002. Institutet för Framtidsstudier
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ISBN: 978-91-89655-82-9
ISSN: 1652-120X

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Published: 2009-11-25
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