Forums and network groups

The national SND Network collaborates and exchanges knowledge in several different ways. Below we describe the various forums and working groups that are currently active. Are you a part of the SND Network? Use the contact details below if you want to know more about the different groups.

Forums and networks

IT forum

SND's IT forum provides an opportunity for IT experts connected to research data support and related activities in the SND Network to meet and discuss current problems and possible solutions. As the IT forum is primarily intended for people with a background in IT, the presentations and issues discussed will be of a more advanced technical character. You are welcome to participate even if you don’t work in IT.

Contact: Johan Fihn Marberg,

Legal network

The purpose of the legal network is to highlight and discuss the legal problems we encounter in the work with research data. The group is open to legal officers and data protection officers in the SND Network.

Contacts: Erica Schweder and Maria Skoglund,

Working groups

Roadmap for research data activities ("Orienteringskartan")

A working group which focuses on developing a tool based on SND's previous roadmap for DAU establishing, the SUHF Roadmap to Open Science. The work so far has resulted in the so-called ”Orienteringskartan”, which is a practical tool for HEIs on their way to open science.

Contact: Elisabeth Strandhagen (

Disclosure of research data containing personal information

The group has developed a checklist for dissemination of research data containing personal information. The checklist complements SND's guide for disclosing research data containing personal information, "Vägledning för utlämnande av forskningsdata med personuppgifter", which provide practical guidance in assessing requests for disclosure. The checklist is pesented as a document and will be in web-based format on the SND webpage.

Contact: Sara Svensson (

A reference group within the SND-network which provides feedback on the development of will be a national portal where researchers can find and share research data, and learn more about best practices in managing and sharing research data. The development of is made in collaboration with other research infrastructures and organizations.

Contact: Arin Tham (currently on leave of absence) or Johan Fihn Marberg,

Exchange of and access to training resources

Coordinates training efforts and resources for researchers, doctoral students, and students, as well as DAU staff, in order to create a knowledge hub for the SND network.

Contacts: David Rayner and Karin Westin Tikkanen (  

Terminology work

Works with establishing a national glossary of common Research Data Management terminology. 

Contact: Lisa Isaksson (