Cable television and its development 1985

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Creator/Principal investigator(s)

Keith Roe - Lund University, Department of Sociology

Research principal

Lund University - Department of Sociology rorId


This dataset is the result of the second step in a survey with the aim of describing and analyzing the introduction of cable TV in Sweden.
During the autumn of 1983 the Swedish Telecommunications Administration (Televerket) put trial networks for cable television into operation in Lund. One of the reasons that Lund was chosen as the first test area was its relatively proximity to continental Europe, a proximity that made it possible for to receive terrestrial TV broadcasts from East and West Germany. Cable transmissions began on October 31st 1983. The survey deals with the media and leisure habits of the Lund respondents before the start of cable transmissions. It also deals with the level of interest in, and willingness to pay for, cable services. The second stage of the survey deals with the same respondents two years after the first data collection and, therefore, two years after the introduction of cable services. The purpose of this study is to map the changes brought about by cable, if any, in a specific population over time.

Data contains personal data



Method and outcome

Unit of analysis


Inhabitants of four different areas of Lund aged 15-70 years (1983)

Time period(s) investigated

1985 – 1985



Number of individuals/objects


Response rate/participation rate


Data format / data structure

Data collection
  • Mode of collection: Self-administered questionnaire: paper
  • Time period(s) for data collection: 1985 – 1985
  • Data collector: Lund university
  • Instrument: KabelTV1985_enkät (Structured questionnaire)
  • Sample size: 1011
  • Number of responses: 552
  • Non response size: 459
  • Source of the data: Population group
Geographic coverage

Geographic spread

Geographic location: Sweden

Geographic description: Lund

Administrative information

Responsible department/unit

Department of Sociology


  • Funding agency: Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation rorId

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Roe, K. (1985) The Programme Output of Seven Cable-TV Channels. The Advent of Cable Systems in Sweden. Uppsala: Department of Sociology.
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Roe, K. (1987) Media and social life in Lund before cable transmissions. The advent of cable systems in Sweden. Uppsala: Department of Sociology.
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