Swedish opinion 1985

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Gunnar Boalt - Stiftelsen för Opinionsanalyser

Gunnar Ekman - Stiftelsen för Opinionsanalyser

Sten Hultgren - Stiftelsen för Opinionsanalyser

Stiftelsen för Opinionsanalyser


This dataset contains information from the sixth survey of the collection of Swedish opinion surveys. In the 1985 survey two questionnaires were used by approximately 850 respondents each, above there were a shortened questionnaire, including questions common for the two other questionnaires, used by another 300 respondents. In all 200 variables can be found in all questionnaires, 145 in two of them and 151 in only one questionnaire. The questionnaires were compiled with regard to the debate occurring in media during the last quarter of 1984. Many of the questions are replications of questions asked in previous surveys, some of the questions are excluded and a number of questions are added. New questions dealt with: child daycare; government support to private enterprises competing with public service; Swedish export of weapons; heart transplant; the 1985 parliamentary election; war risk in Europe; confidence in the Swedish judicial system.

Data contains personal data



Method and outcome

Unit of analysis


Individuals aged 17-74 years

Sampling procedure

Probability: Simple random
Obundet slumpmässigt urval ur befolkningsregistret, riksomfattande.

Time period(s) investigated

1985-02-01 – 1985-03-15



Number of individuals/objects


Data format / data structure

Data collection
  • Mode of collection: Self-administered questionnaire: paper
  • Time period(s) for data collection: 1985-02-01 – 1985-03-15
  • Data collector: Statistics Sweden
  • Source of the data: Population group
Geographic coverage

Geographic spread

Geographic location: Sweden

Administrative information
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Research area

Working conditions (CESSDA Topic Classification)

Government, political systems and organisations (CESSDA Topic Classification)

Political behaviour and attitudes (CESSDA Topic Classification)

Social sciences (Standard för svensk indelning av forskningsämnen 2011)

Media (CESSDA Topic Classification)


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ISBN: 9789136016512

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Boalt, G. (1985) Vad vill väljarna? : åsiktsförskjutningarna 1979-1983. Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell international. ISBN: 91-22-00736-9.
ISBN: 91-22-00736-9

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Published: 1985-04-01
Last updated: 2019-02-06