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Arne Jönsson

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Arne Jönsson - Linköping University, Department of Computer and Information Science

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Linköping University - Department of Computer and Information Science rorId


A reference corpus for text summarising.

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Text corpus

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    • Swedish (swe)

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Department of Computer and Information Science

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Language technology (computational linguistics) (Standard för svensk indelning av forskningsämnen 2011)


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Carlsson, B. (2009). Guldstandarder : dess skapande och utvärdering (Dissertation). Retrieved from
Institutional Repository

Bertil Carlsson, Arne Jönsson, Using the pyramid method to create gold standards for evaluation of extraction based text summarization techniques, Proceedings of the Third Swedish Language Technology Conference (SLTC-2010), Linköping, Sweden, 2010.
Swepub | Institutional Repository

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Arne Jönsson

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