Multiaxial diagnostic ratings of inpatients at the Department of Psychiatry in Lund - Individuals with alcohol problems

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Louise Brådvik - Lund University, Faculty of Medicine

Mats Berglund - Lund University, Faculty of Medicine

Research principal

Lund University - Faculty of Medicine rorId


Between 1949 and 1969, a multiaxial diagnostic schedule was used to rate all inpatients at the Department of Psychiatry, University Hospital Lund, Sweden. The ratings were made at discharge of the patients and were performed by senior psychiatrists with at least three years of training. The rating schedule was developed by Professor Erik Essen-Möller and consisted of one symptomatic or syndromatic part and one aetologic part. The interview consisted of questions about social situation, occupation, physical illness, current medication, course of depression, cause of onset and cause of recovery/remission, treatment, suicide attempts, childhood, alcohol, and so forth. Approximately 7000 individuals were rated with a follow-up on individuals with alcohol problems (n=1312) or the diagnosis severe depression/melancholia (n=1206). The follow-up included data from the patient-records and sometimes personal contact.


To rate all inpatients at the Department of Psychiatry in Lund according to a multiaxial rating schedule with a symptomatic, a syndromatic and an aetiological part.
Method and outcome

Unit of analysis


All inpatients at the Department of Psychiatry, University Hospital in Lund, between 1949 and 1969.

Sampling procedure

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1949 – 1969

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  • Mode of collection: Psychological measurements and tests
  • Time period(s) for data collection: 1949 – 1969
  • Source of the data: Registers/Records/Accounts: Administrative, Population group, Registers/Records/Accounts
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Geographic description: Lund med omgivning

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Faculty of Medicine

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Brådvik L, Berglund M. Risk factors for suicide in melancholia. A case-record evaluation of 89 suicides and their controls. Acta Psychiatr Scand. 1993 May;87(5):306-11.

Crona L, Mossberg A, Brådvik L. Suicidal Career in Severe Depression among Long-Term Survivors: In a Followup after 37-53 Years Suicide Attempts Appeared to End Long before Depression. Depress Res Treat. 2013;2013:610245. doi: 10.1155/2013/610245. Epub 2013 Dec 23.
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Berglund M. Suicide in alcoholism. A prospective study of 88 suicides: I. The multidimensional diagnosis at first admission. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1984 Sep;41(9):888-91.

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