How to Document Ontology Design Patterns : Supporting Data Part 2

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Karl Hammar - Jönköping University, Computer Science and Informatics, Jönköping AI Lab (JAIL) orcid

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Jönköping University rorId


Survey data presented and discussed in the paper 'How to Document Ontology Design Patterns' presented at the Workshop on Ontology and Semantic Web Patterns in conjunction with the International Semantic Web Conference 2016.

The dataset contains two CSV files, each corresponding to one of the two surveys discussed in Section 3 of the paper in question. Both files include the questions (row 1), answer options (row 2), and provided answers (row 3 and onward). OEMS-Data.csv contains the data discussed in Section 3.1 (Table 2/3) and ODPT-Data.csv contains the data discussed in Section 3.2 (Table 4).

The dataset was originally published in DiVA and moved to SND in 2024.

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Computer science (Standard för svensk indelning av forskningsämnen 2011)


Data, Informatics

Published: 2024-06-26