Referendum study 1957

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Bo Särlvik - University of Gothenburg, Department of Political Science

Jörgen Westerståhl - University of Gothenburg, Department of Political Science

Research principal

University of Gothenburg - Department of Political Science rorId


Since 1956 a election study have been carried out in conjunction with every parliamentary election in Sweden. Likewise studies have been carried out in conjunction with the two referenda that have taken place since then. In 1957 a referendum on the general supplementary pension scheme (ATP) took place. The respondents were questioned three times, two interviews were held before the day of the referendum and a mail survey were sent to them after the referendum. The study contains questions on the general supplementary pension scheme, national basic pension, opinion of the three proposals, sources of information, and newspaper reading. Apart from the questions concerning the referendum, the study examines Swedish national defence by including questions about the war risk and the atomic bomb.


Explain why people vote as they do and why an election ends in a particular way. Track and follow trends in the Swedish electoral democracy and make comparisons with other countries.

Data contains personal data



Method and outcome

Unit of analysis


Persons aged 21-80 years, residing in Sweden and eligible to vote in the referendum 1957.

Time period(s) investigated

1957-08-26 – Ongoing



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Data format / data structure

Data collection
  • Mode of collection: Face-to-face interview
  • Time period(s) for data collection: 1957-08-26
  • Data collector: Statistics Sweden
  • Source of the data: Registers/Records/Accounts: Administrative, Population group, Registers/Records/Accounts
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Geographic spread

Geographic location: Sweden

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Department of Political Science

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Elections (CESSDA Topic Classification)

Government, political systems and organisations (CESSDA Topic Classification)

Political behaviour and attitudes (CESSDA Topic Classification)

Social sciences (Standard för svensk indelning av forskningsämnen 2011)

Political science (Standard för svensk indelning av forskningsämnen 2011)

Social welfare systems/structures (CESSDA Topic Classification)

Retirement (CESSDA Topic Classification)


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Westerståhl, J., Särlvik, B., & Janson, E. (1958) Intervjuundersökning hösten 1957 : frågor rörande civilförsvar och psykologiskt försvar. Göteborg: Department of Political Science.

Särlvik, B. (1959) Författningsutredningen : Opinionsbildningen vid folkomröstningen 1957. SOU 1959:10. Stockholm : Statistics Sweden.

Oscarsson, H. (1998) Den svenska partirymden : Väljarnas uppfattningar av konfliktstrukturen i partisystemet 1956-1996. Göteborg : Department of Political Science. ISBN: 91-628-3000-7.
ISBN: 91-628-3000-7
ISSN: 0346-5942

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Published: 1989-06-01
Last updated: 2019-02-06