Western European ecological data - Italy

SND-ID: snd0258-6. Version: 1.0. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5878/h439-sh67


Creator/Principal investigator(s)

Svante Ersson - Umeå University, Department of Political Science

Research principal

Umeå University - Department of Political Science rorId


This study includes data on regional level for nine Western European countries: election returns, occupation categories, religion, population.

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Data collection
Geographic coverage

Geographic spread

Geographic location: Belgium, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Austria

Administrative information

Responsible department/unit

Department of Political Science

Topic and keywords

Research area

Employment (CESSDA Topic Classification)

Elections (CESSDA Topic Classification)

Social sciences (Standard för svensk indelning av forskningsämnen 2011)

Demography (population, vital statistics, and censuses) (CESSDA Topic Classification)

Religion and values (CESSDA Topic Classification)


Ersson, S. (1984) Kommunistpartier i Västeuropa: studier i elektoral variation. Umeå: Department of Political Science. (With an English summary).
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Published: 1991-01-01
Last updated: 2019-02-06