Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis Data of Sheets Made from Wood-Based Cellulose Fibers Partially Converted to Dialcohol Cellulose

SND-ID: 2024-200. Version: 1. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5878/ef3e-ch95


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Eric Linvill - Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, School of Engineering Sciences (SCI), Centres, VinnExcellence Center BiMaC Innovation

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Royal Institute of Technology rorId


This data article contains the dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA) results for sheets made from cellulose fibers partially converted to dialcohol cellulose.

The DMTA tests were conducted at four different relative humidity levels: 0, 50, 60, and 70 % RH, and the temperature was swept between 10 and 113 °C. The DMTA results enable the understanding of the elastic, viscoelastic, and viscoplastic mechanical properties of this material at a wide range of temperature and relative humidity combinations.

A description of the collected variables and the initial specimen geometry can be found on the sheet "Readme". A graphical summary of the DMA results is provided on the following sheet named "SummaryGraphs". The raw data for the four runs can be found on the four final sheets.

The dataset was originally published in DiVA and moved to SND in 2024.

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Paper, pulp and fiber technology (Standard för svensk indelning av forskningsämnen 2011)


Cellulose, Paper

Published: 2024-06-26